Century-old roots provide the basis for Muster as Aggies know it today. It has changed, yet the Spirit in which it was established remains the same. Since the founding of Texas A&M, every Aggie has lived and become a part of the Aggie Spirit. What we feel today is not just the camaraderie of fellow Aggies, it is the Spirit of hundreds of thousands of Aggies who have gone before us, and who will come after us. Muster is how that Spirit is remembered and celebrated, and it will always continue to unite Texas A&M and the Aggie family. A&M may change, but the Spirit never will.

The Midland Club holds the largest Muster Ceremony in the Permian Basin area. We would like to welcome any and all Aggies in Midland or surrounding counties and those Aggies who may be traveling through or away from home to join us as we softly call the Muster and reliving some of the good times we had while at school.

2017 Muster is over; check this page for details to the 2018 Aggie Muster!

Softly call the muster